Elisabetta Agyeiwaa - Short film - 2019
In this short film I use my talent as a filmmaker to tell my own story. As things go, I’ve been waiting for my identity for 28 years. Until today, nothing has changed. My identity still belong to someone else. See how I take on deeply rooted bureaucracy and a family that keeps everything to themselves. At the moment am I working on a Documentary about (Human Trafficking and Identity Fraud) from my own experience as person.
Do you want to support my movement and help not only me but other people and yourself to protect yourself against identity fraud. Check out my biographies short movie. Follow me for updates on all platforms and remember you also help by sharing the moment worldwide.

Thanks Everyone.


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Elisabetta Agyeiwaa is a Ghanaian-Dutch video artist, based in Amsterdam. Her focus within video art lies in the application of technology to achieve the best final result. Elisabetta studied Images and Media Technology at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

She is fascinated by different genres in art, fashion, beauty and music and applies her eye for branding and lifestyle to create inspiring film and cinematography. Keeping up with the continuous technological developments within the field are what influence her to create fresh approaches to the art of film.


Elisabetta’s mission is to use photography to help create art for fashion shows events from local initiatives to global campaigns, through her publications, alliances, public appearances, and active support of social network.


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